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Specialized Mechanical, specializes in maximizing the enjoyment and convenience of your indoor environment. Whether you are making a new installation or upgrading to a more modern cooling system, we will deliver state-of-the-art equipment, professional workmanship, competitive pricing, reliability, and ultimate comfort. The benefits begin immediately and, will help improve your everyday experience, season after season. Contact Specialized Mechanical, and let us eliminate annoying heat and humidity from your home environment. We put ultimate control in your hands. Enjoy customized control of the individual rooms in your home. Set the temperature, the fan speed, and the air quality, humidity, and ventilation that suit your needs. Let us help you by providing maintenance updates and filter change alerts. You can also keep track of energy use and make adjustments from wherever you are, even when you rent at home. With our WiFi enabled units, you’re never too far from home.

Pro A/C System Installations

Specialized Mechanical brings you the most modern solutions to the challenge of keeping a cool and comfortable home. Through your choice of the Carrier Comfort, Performance, or Infinity Series of AC units, we offer a broad range of industry leading designs that meet all types of challenges. When the equipment in the Infinity Series is used in conjunction with Infinity control, adaptable-speed technology the customer experience is outstanding. These smart, communicating systems are designed to automatically adjust based on the changing requirements of the indoor space and are capable of adjusting in one percent increments, in the range between forty and one hundred percent of total capacity. By using an extended run time, at a lower speed, results in many benefits. These include superior moisture control without the problem of over cooling, more exact temperature control, near silent operation, and optimized efficiency. And with built in zoning capability, the system remembers how as many as eight different household members prefer the comfort settings in their individual spaces. With these advancements in both design and engineering, it is the ideal time to update your Air Conditioning equipment.

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ac servicesTo make sure that your AC system meets the demands of your peak use, not only now but for the future as well, the factory-trained service team from Specialized Mechanical uses precise measurement and install procedures. We have the skills and the qualifications to provide solutions for your specific needs. Our commitment to excellent service begins with your first phone call to us and extends to the maintenance that protects the functionality of your equipment. Every step of your installation is handled without any delays, messes, or other damage to your home. We always explain the product registration and warranty requirements and help you familiarize yourself with the features of your new system. You can always have confidence that Specialized Mechanical brings homeowners across San Diego and North San Diego counties superior service, and rewarding results.

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