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Ductless Mini Splits In Carlsbad

Specialized Mechanical takes pride in offering a comprehensive selection of products so you can have access to every option available that may suit your needs. Ductless mini splits are an alternate style of AC system that differ from traditional split-unit systems in several ways. The removal of ductwork offers a system that is efficient in both terms of space and energy. Offering more precise temperature control and energy savings, ductless mini-split systems are a strong contender for one of the most versatile AC options on the market.

Depending on the situation, a ductless mini-split system could save you money and energy, all while giving you more precise control of your structure’s climate in the process!

Carlsbad Ductless Mini Split AC

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

Ductless mini splits are an energy-efficient cooling system that consist of an outdoor condenser and one — or a few — indoor air-handlers/evaporators. Unlike a traditional split-unit air conditioner system that uses a single air handler to distribute cooled air around the structure via ductwork, a ductless mini-split uses individual air handlers in each room to remove the need for ductwork entirely.

Aside from the removal of ductwork, these systems operate very similarly to traditional split-unit systems. Here is an overview of how ductless mini-split systems work:

  • Air is drawn into each air handler installed in the system.
  • Inside the handler, the air is passed over a series of evaporator coils where it is cooled and blown into the room.
  • The evaporator coils draw heat out of the air using a refrigerant that cycles between the indoor air handlers and the outdoor condenser.
  • Within the condenser, the refrigerant is heated further inside a device called a compressor. From there, the heat is blown and dispersed into the outdoor air via its fan.

As you can see, ductless mini-splits operate the same as traditional units, minus the ductwork. This change in design provides a variety of pros and cons depending on your circumstance.

Advantages Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems offer a variety of benefits over other methods of air cooling. The removal of ductwork eliminates points of failure that greatly increase efficiency. Faults in your ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s energy consumption! The removal of ductwork eliminates this issue entirely and saves you from future costs associated with damages and maintenance to ductwork in the future.

Without ductwork, it’s also much easier to install a ductless mini-split. The removal of ductwork frees up a lot of space where ductwork would traditionally be installed. The indoor air-handler units also come in a variety of styles and mount options to suit any design need.

One of the only disadvantages to a ductless mini-split is the initial cost. While they can be more expensive than traditional units, that upfront cost is generally recuperated down the road by the savings you’ll earn on energy.

Here’s a rundown of the advantages of ductless mini-splits:

  • Save money by being more energy efficient
  • Fewer points of failure with the subtraction of ductwork
  • Space efficient
  • Versatile, by giving you the option to set individual temperatures in each area

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Specialized Mechanical wants to make sure that our clients have every option available when addressing their HVAC needs. If you think now is the right time to make the switch to a ductless mini-split system, then contact our professionals today so we can get you set in the right direction!

We strive to provide the most reliable Carlsbad ductless AC installation services possible. We guarantee that our skilled professionals can provide you with the reliable HVAC services that you deserve.

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