Carrier heat pump

Specialized Mechanical shines when it comes to heat pump installation and services. We have the knowledge and experience that ensure long-lasting operation from your equipment. To maintain factory authorization, we must meet rigid requirements for all business practices, maintain high customer satisfaction ratings, and keep to specific service procedures. Our team of technicians is fully certified, licensed, insured, and participate in periodic training updates. We are well-versed in the benefits and sophisticated technology behind modern heat pumps, and we enjoy sharing that expertise with you.

Repairs and Service for your Heat Pump

Today’s heat pumps deliver cool temperatures all summer long, and then reverse that operation to keep you warm throughout the winter. That’s right. One compact system handles everything you need during both hot and cold seasons. Since no fuel is being burned to generate heat, there isn’t a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning No fumes, and no hot surfaces that could otherwise harm children or pets. Your heat pump doesn’t dry out the air during the winter, eliminating the need for a separate humidification process. It also handles the humidity in the summertime. Heat pumps are clean and efficient. Because they feature advanced filtration, these systems are the ideal choice for people with asthma, dust sensitivities, or allergies. From the convenience of a wireless remote, switching from heating to cooling is done at the touch of a button. This feature allows you to raise or lower the temperature of any room very quickly. Another great feature of these heat pumps is the energy savings and the customization of temperature with room-by-room control. The experts from Specialized Mechanical will match your needs to the right system, helping you achieve energy efficiency, proper heating and cooling capacity, and many other useful features.

Trust in Specialized Mechanical for your heat pump installations and maintenance needs!

Specialized Mechanical provides Carrier brand products, offers award-winning, ENERGY STAR rated models, and raises the bar in service and technical know-how. These excellent systems combine an adaptable speed technology with the patented Infinity control. The result is heat pumps that actively work to conserve energy, improve comfort, and meticulously maintain temperatures within a single degree of your thermostat setting. These units have the ability to monitor and react to changing indoor temperatures continually. The unit then adapts in 1% increments between forty and one hundred percent of total capacity, thereby limiting energy usage to only what is necessary to meet demand. These longer cycles at lower speeds add many benefits; Less wear and tear, ultra-quiet operation, greater dehumidification capability, more consistent energy efficiency are just a few of them. If that isn’t enough, these systems allow you to tinker with everything from humidity and temperature to fan speed and air quality. The WiFi enabled pumps allow you to control everything, and even track your energy use from your smartphone, computer, or laptop. The result is a level of comfort, convenience, and efficiency like you’ve never experienced before. Contact the skilled heat pump professionals at Specialized Mechanical, and you will enjoy the ideal solution to your climate control needs.