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For most business owners, making sure that all equipment is up and running smoothly can mean the difference between success and operational failure. This is why the team at Specialized Mechanical offers HVAC maintenance in North San Diego County that will keep your HVAC system up and running efficiently, rain or shine. Did you also know that regular HVAC maintenance will also save you money every month on your energy bills – thereby reducing your monthly operational costs and putting more money in your pocket? This is why we recommend HVAC service and maintenance contracts. To keep your system running year after year, we fix problems before they cost you valuable time and money. Specialized Mechanical offers a maintenance program customized to the Southern California climate – designed to ensure maximum uptime and comfort for your clients year round. Specialized Mechanical offers HVAC Maintenance solutions in the following areas, including but not limited to:

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Eliminate Downtime

Almost half of AC and heating breakdowns are caused by a lack of proper maintenance. Once dirt and grime get into an HVAC system, parts are more likely to rust, degrade, or otherwise function poorly. By contracting us to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance, you can address these problems before they become costly.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Simple steps like changing an air filter or cleaning a coil will help your unit to run much more smoothly and efficiently. And when your air conditioner runs smoothly, it uses significantly less energy. Using less energy will save you a tremendous amount on your utility bill, especially during peak energy usage hours when electrical power comes at a surcharged premium.

Comprehensive Warranty

Most companies do not accept HVAC repair warranty claims if the HVAC unit has issues due to lack of maintenance. Protect your investment by setting up an HVAC Service Contract today.

HVAC Maintenance Check List

When you contract with Specialized Mechanical, we run your HVAC system through a comprehensive, 18-point inspection that includes:

Regular Inspection and replacement of HVAC air filters
The most critical part of maintaining your HVAC equipment is to inspect regularly and, when necessary, change your air filters. A clogged, dirty, or otherwise obstructed air filter not only blocks proper airflow but compromises your unit’s efficiency and raises your energy bill. By regularly replacing air filters, you can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Obstructed airflow places strain on the unit, causing it to go into overdrive, using more energy to produce the same amount of cooling or heating power. Replacing \ air filters also increases the air quality flow in the space. A dirty air filter can be a health hazard, especially for those with COPD, allergies or asthma.
Clean the blower assembly of accrued dirt
Did you know that dirt can even get stuck inside the fins of the squirrel cage? It can. This can prevent the blower from being able to pull a sufficient amount of air. And when the blower wheel can’t pull enough air, the unit will keep running endlessly without the space temperature setting ever getting satisfied; this leads to much higher energy consumption. All this is easily prevented by regular cleaning of the blower assembly.
Inspect belts, replace as needed
Much like HVAC filters, belts are an important part of HVAC maintenance. It’s very common for a belt to become misaligned because of vibration of the unit. If a belt becomes misaligned or loosens, the resulting loss of torque and can wear down the pulley wheel. Why pay thousands of dollars for repairs? The comparatively simple act of adjusting or replacing a faulty belt will save money and extend the lifespan of your unit.
Lubrication of all fans and motor bearings
The moving parts in your HVAC system require consistent maintenance and lubrication to lessen or eliminate friction. Without such maintenance, increased friction will lead to parts working harder, wearing out more quickly, and decreasing energy efficiency.
Inspect the refrigerant pressures and seals
Maintaining the level of refrigerant is the key to proper operation of any HVAC system. If a system is allowed to run with missing refrigerant, the compressor can be damaged. This represents a high repair cost that most consumers would like to avoid.
Inspect condensate pump, drain pan, clean out drain lines using CO2, and supply pan with acid tablets
A large number HVAC service calls we receive are due to leaking AC units. The main cause of this very common issue is a clogged drain line. Ant this common problem has a relatively simple solution. Your Specialized Mechanical service technician will put acid tablets in your drain pan, which will help eliminate the future buildup of mold, dirt, or soot. Don’t let something as simple as neglecting regular HVAC maintenance be the reason your ceiling comes crashing down. Let our professionals help prevent these issues before they can occur.
Check and tighten electrical connections
The cost of a replacing a burnt out contact can run upwards of $350. Why pay such outrageous costs when you could have avoided the issue with basic preventive maintenance? Many electrical parts can burn out due to loose connections. We also receive many service calls about units that have stopped running entirely. Inspection reveals that the electrical connection in the thermostat was loose.This issue is also preventable through regular maintenance by a skilled technician.
Calibrating safety and temperature controls
We receive hundreds of service calls each about improper calibration of temperature controls and safety features. One incorrect setting can leave you and your clients trying to do business in 100-degree heat. Controls should be checked and regularly calibrated, at least twice a year, to prevent HVAC failures and breakdowns.
Take ampere readings on motors and compressors
When a compressor or motor is on its way out, wouldn’t you rather take preventive measures and replace it before the summer season? In business, being proactive is much less costly than being reactive. Don’t wait until customers cant shop or visit your location due to insufferable heat.
Inspect and adjust your valves and dampers
During the summer months, it makes perfect sense to close the unused gas valves as a safety precaution. But what should you do when the winter comes, and your heating system won’t turn on? Call on Specialized Mechanical to inspect and adjust all of your valves & dampers. Professional and skilled service at these seasonal transition points is a critical factor in the smooth functioning and longevity of your HVAC system.
Inspect Supply and Return Temperature
The best way to measure definitively if an HVAC unit is operating correctly is to show the difference in temperature between the untreated air being sucked in and the cold air being blown out.
Inspect and Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils.
Evaporator and condenser coils are a key component of every AC system. When they are clean and well maintained, your HVAC system will run at peak efficiency. However, if your coils are dirty, they can cause a host of problems, including: Increased Operating Costs: If a coil becomes dirty, it cannot provide adequate heat transfer, which will cause higher discharge pressure. This, in turn, requires more electricity, which translates into increased utility costs. In fact, dirty coils can increase energy consumption by up to 37% over clean coils. Reduced Cooling: As dirt collects on the coils, it restricts heat transfer. This causes the compressor to work harder. The harder the compressor has to work, the more heat accrues in the system. The result is an increase in the head pressure of up to 75%, which can cause a loss of as much as 30% of the systems total cooling capacity. This loss will hit the hardest on the hottest days when cooling is the most critical. Shortened Equipment Life: The higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by dirty coils, as detailed above, can dramatically reduce your equipment’s durability and life expectancy. Consistently higher system pressure and temperature, if unaddressed, will lead to the breakdown of the compressors lubricant. Also, acidification can occur, which ultimately leads to an acid burnout and eventual equipment failure. Of course, these failures mean no cooling, and potentially very costly repairs. Air Quality: A dirty or poorly maintained evaporator coil presents major issues that go far beyond the issues previously discussed. Dirty evaporator coils also create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold that can have a serious impact on health and indoor air quality.

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